Spot Reporters helps foster a partnership between your organization and the people it serves. Together, by reporting and responding to issues, you can improve the experience for everyone.
They Report
Anyone with a mobile phone can report an issue, including a photo and location, using their iPhone or Android smartphone, or their Web, Twitter, or SMS client.
You Respond
New reports are integrated seamlessly into your CRM workflow, allowing your organization to respond to issues efficiently and independent of the receiving channel. When the issue is resolved, reporters are notified in real time.
All Repeat
By actively participating in the process, your Spot Reporters realize they truly made a difference. They keep reporting, you keep responding, and the cycle repeats to the benefit of everyone.

How does this all work?

Your organization purchases Spot Reporters and we'll help you get everything integrated with your CRM environment and customized with your organization's service types and brand.

Once ready, users simply download your branded iPhone or Android app or use their existing Web, Twitter or SMS clients and start reporting right away.

Who uses it?

The Spot Reporters platform was initially developed for local governments. It's a great way to empower citizens and let them connect with the city through the technology they use daily. Constituents can report potholes, graffiti and other issues to help keep your city beautiful.

Who else can use it?

  • Universities and Schools
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Utilities
  • Hospitals and Corporate Campuses
  • Any organization with mobile users